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Have you ever felt that no matter what diet or training program you try you make little to no progress, workouts get unmotivating to sustain and are repetitive, or when joining a gym you are on your own without a clue of where to even begin? INFIT is for you. Our individual and group training is carefully designed by our expert trainers to meet your individual fitness goals as well as be within your current fitness level. Whether you are a complete beginner or an elite athlete Infinite Fitness And Health has the program to get you to your fitness goals.

Heavy Bag Conditioning

Heavy Bag Conditioning class is a class that delivers a high level of conditioning through metabolic movements that include kickboxing, bag striking, dumbbells, kettlebells, body movements ( no barbells). It’s a high- intensity program, using low to medium weight to dramatically improve metabolic conditioning. While the most obvious benefit of the heavy bag is a chance to practice your right hook and jab-cross, it carries a variety of other benefits as well! Heavy bag workouts can help to improve technique, provide strength training for power, build better balance and coordination, and even reduce stress.


Our Longevity program brings functional fitness to a community in need. Our program is designed to foster independence for basic life functions. From getting up off of the ground to being able to pick up grandkids, we focus on moving safely, increasing mobility and becoming stronger. We offer daytime classes for individuals approaching 50 and over. The focus on this program is functional fitness in a fun, social environment. We designed this program to assist with basic life functions.


KidFinite is a fitness program for youths of all ability levels and backgrounds. For kids ages 4 -10, our program develops physical abilities, social skills and self-confidence. The program can prepare kids for sports, making them fitter and more coordinated, or provide an alternative for kids who are not interested in competitive sports or traditional team sports. It’s also great for developing good motor patterns, balance, and a positive attitude toward challenges. At the very least, we keep things fun and the kids moving.

24/7 Access

Our keypad door system allows members to access Infinite FItness and Health 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply use your own personal code and you’re in. With today’s busy lives, the major obstacle to staying besides motivation is convenience. At IF, we’re here for you, in your town, 24/7. It’s hard to find time in your day to workout. That’s why we have developed a proven way to make fitness easy and convenient. You have access to our workouts of the day and all the equipment.

Personal Training

All our classes at Infinite FItness and Health are considered small group training which allows for lots of modifications and alternate exercises geared toward each of our client’s needs and goals. If you are looking for more one on one attention or have certain goals you want to meet then our Personal Training is exactly what you are looking for. Our Personal trainers start by evaluating their clients’ current fitness level, personal goals, and skills. They provide physical and mental guidance and monitor your progress on a regular basis.

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